Treatment for lymphedema depends on the severity and extent of the condition. Prevention and controlling lymphedema play an essential role in managing this condition since there is no cure. Advanced Lymphedema Specialists provide patients with Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT), including Manual lymph drainage (MLD).

CDT is a particular therapy that is broken up into two essential phases. Phase I, the Intensive phase, and Phase II, the Maintenance phase.

Phase I: Intensive Phase

The goal of Phase I is to get the extra lymph out of the affected body region, to reduce visible swelling, and reduce other symptoms of lymphedema. 

Phase I can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks and sometimes even up to 8 weeks, depending on how long it takes to reduce the swelling and improve other symptoms affecting the skin. 

  • Complete decongestive therapy for sessions lasting about one hour, 4- 5 days per week.
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
  • Exercises that help encourage the drainage of lymph from affected tissue
  • Skincare and Minor wound care. Protecting the skin and nails in the affected area from symptoms like drying, cracking, infection, and skin breakdown is essential.
  • Compression Bandaging
  • Pneumatic Compression Pump
  • Education

Phase II: Maintenance

The goal of Phase II is to gain control over your lymphedema and maintain the outcome of Phase I.

Phase II is maintenance that will be long-term and will continue throughout your diagnosis, as Lymphedema has no cure at this time.

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)
  • Skincare + Minor wound care
  • Exercise
  • Compression Garments

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