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Advanced Lymphedema Specialists, LLC serves Nueces County and all surrounding areas. Our licensed professionals are certified in treating lymphedema and its many painful and sometimes debilitating symptoms. Advanced Lymphedema Specialists will assist you in gaining a better quality of life by reducing your symptoms through a specialized treatment plan unique to your specific needs.

What is Lymphedema?
Lymphedema is swelling that occurs once the lymphatic system is damaged, causing excess fluid to accumulate in the body’s tissues. Lymphedema is considered a long-term condition that currently has no cure. If left untreated, lymphedema can lead to lymphangitis.

Lymphangitis is an inflammation of the lymphatic system, a significant component of your immune system. Lymphangitis spreads quickly and often leads to skin infections, cellulitis, and in some extreme cases, sepsis, a life-threatening illness caused by your body’s response to an infection.

The lymphatic system plays a significant role in cleansing and nourishing the cells throughout the body, and a poorly functioning lymphatic system can affect every part of your body.

Lymphedema is swelling that happens when something affects your lymphatic system, such as surgery, cancer, obesity, and many other causes.

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